Enjoy Your Stylish And Colorful Necklace!

A necklace belongs to the earliest jewelry. It has been used not only as a decorative jewelry, but also in order to make a statement that a person belongs to this or that religion. Thus, Catholic and Buddhist cross chain beads were worn by many people thousands of years ago.

If you want to use a necklace with a decorative function it's important to consider one's age and body coordination, read more: internetwoordenboek.com/shark-rocket-deluxe-pro-ultra-light-upright-vacuum-reviews.html. Thus, a slender woman should choose a neck chain, imitation silk, while a whip thick solid chain is a good choice for older mature women. Choosing necklaces it's also important to consider the style of clothing. For instance, wearing a light silk shirt dress, combine it with a tender necklace and you'll look extremely delicate. But wearing plain colorless clothes choose a bright color necklace and it will enrich your clothing style.

It's advisable to use the following pieces of advice while wearing a necklace with the style and combining it with clothing correctly.

1. Consider the style and size of a necklace. There're different sizes of necklaces. Different people should choose different sizes of necklaces depending on the individual peculiarities. For instance, people with a thick neck will look better in a necklace of a bigger size and vice versa. Wearing a coat with a high collar, select not too long necklace.

2. Pay attention to the decorative function of necklaces. If you wish to combine clothing with the pendant necklace, the latter shouldn't be too long or too thick. Choose attractive necklaces better, but also consider the style of your clothing.

3. Consider the material from which your clothing is made. Combinations of different materials and clothing styles will produce different effects. For instance, a red skirt suit combined with a gold necklace will look warm and is excellent for different festivals, while a light-blue polyester dress combined with a grey necklace will look delicate. Bright flowers of a white Polyester georgette dress combined with a pearl necklace will make you extremely attractive if added with red beads.

Choosing an appropriate necklace, consider the following issues:

1. Necklace and clothing should be worn with harmony and echo. Thus, wearing a light silk dress combined with a delicate necklace will look wonderful.

2. Necklace and clothing color will look terrific if they are contrast. For instance, colorless or plain clothes combined with a bright color necklace will draw attention of many people to your individuality making you look extremely attractive, festive and rich. As for brightly colored clothing, combine them with a simpler necklace in order to reach balance of colors.

3. Combine jewelry correctly

If you decide to wear several necklaces at a time choose the ones having the same color shades and texture. This rule also concerns earrings and bracelets. Wearing the necklace, check whether the necklace has a circle called the confluence of the switch which is made with a steel U-type spring. Wear what you really like yourself!

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