Dwarf Cat Temperament and Lifespan

Who is a dwarf cat? It can't be considered to be a separate breed as any breed of cats can have the condition of dwarfism which means a genetic mutation. The difference is in the size of your cat which is smaller than normal cat. Dwarf cats have shorter legs than usual cats. How to get such abnormal proportions? Dwarf cats show symptoms of genetic disorders of bone and cartilage.

Nowadays this is very popular to use these symptoms of dwarfism for commercial sale. However, not all countries accept this. Some of them prohibit breeding of such kittens. The size of the cat doesn't influence on its temperament much as the temperament of each breed differs. The life span of dwarf cats is about 12-15 years. But you should remember that these cats can have some health problems. That's why you should take care of your pet very carefully.

How Much Does a Dwarf Cat Cost and Price Range

The price for dwarf cats can vary depending on The average price for such kind of cat is $350 - $500 USD. If you want to get a top quality kitten, you should pay a bit more, about $800. Dwarf cats are not very common. That's why you should look for a trustworthy breeder who will provide you with the good quality kitten.

Dwarf Cat Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

In comparison with the breeds based on a Munchkin cat, teacup cats have the proportioned bodies of a smaller size which refers to every aspect. They can be born in any breed of cats, that's why there is no separate standard for dwarf cats.

The average weight of dwarf cats is usually about 2-4 pounds. The height of an adult cat is less than 9 inches.

There are a lot of kinds of dwarf cats. One of them is the MiniPers which is the only one having a breed standard. The MiniPers is a cute Persian cat which proportions are like the standard cat of this breed has but on a smaller scale. As for the coloring dwarf cats can be of various colors. The mini copy of the breed will repeat the coloring of the standard cat of the same breed.

Dwarf Cat Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

There are the following kinds of dwarf cats. There is a chondrodysplastic type of dwarf cats which is the synonym of short legged cats. Such cats with short legs originated from the Munchkin breed. One more type of cats has a funny name "a teacup cat". This means that this cat's body is proportionate, but is of smaller size.

Dwarf cats look like kittens during the whole life being so cute that your children might treat them like toys.

You should be careful with the children not allowing them to torture these small kittens because even being adults they can't protect themselves.

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