Portuguese Podengo Temperament and Lifespan

The breed comes from the ancient Pharaoh dog and Greco-Roman hounds, it is widespread in the north of Portugal, where it is used as a hunting dog and as a home pet.

There are three types:

How Much Does a Portuguese Podengo Cost and Price Range

The average price for the Portugese Podengo varies from $650 to $1200. The cost range is various depending on the type of the Podengo dog, the quality of the puppy, the breeder and the fact if the puppy has all documents proving its pedigree.

Portuguese Podengo Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

The height at the withers of the large Portuguese Podengo is about 55 - 70 cm. Average Portuguese Podengo is 40 - 55 cm. Small Portuguese Podengo: 20 - 30 cm. The weight: Large Portuguese podengu: 20 - 30 kg. Average Portuguese Podengo: 15 - 20 kg. Small Portuguese Podengo: 4-5 kg.

In general the dogs are muscular with harmonious proportions, strong bones. They move very fast. The shape of the head resembles a four-sided pyramid with a wide base and a pointed tip. Skull is flat. Eyes are small and oblique of the brown color.

Ears are wide at the base, triangular and thin, standing with the ends slightly tilted forward. The neck is strong, long, dry. Chest is broad and deep. Ribs are fairly flat. The back is straight and long. The croup is wide, muscular, slightly rounded. Feet are round, with long, strong fingers. Tail is of middle length, strong, thick, pointed and held horizontally. Wool is of two versions: in one - a short, smooth and thick coat, the other is elongated and rigid. In Small Podengo the wool is the shortest.

Color: fawn and deer with lighter and darker shades and a black shade, plain or piebald.

Portuguese Podengo Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

The Portuguese are very proud of their four-legged friend and consider it almost a national treasure. Unpretentious Podengo adapts to life in the rhythm of the bustling metropolis, and remains calm and peaceful in the countryside hacienda as well. It will be fine wherever you are - in fact, these dogs differ incredible devotion to their master and strong internal communication with him is very important for them. To strangers Portuguese Podengo is not so friendly and relates them suspiciously, so it will make the vigilant and faithful guardian.

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